About Ductile Iron Pipe

The sustainable attributes of Ductile Iron pipe begin with the fact that ductile iron pipe is made from recycled scrap materials. According to a 2008 study by Arizona State University Project Engineer, Dae-Hyun Koo et al., Ductile Iron pipe had the lowest impact on natural resource depletion compared to HDPE pipe and PVC pipe. 

Because of its material strength, properly designed Ductile Iron pipe will typically have larger than nominal inside diameter. This promotes greater hydraulic flow while reducing the pumping energy and costs 

to an improved environmental performance in terms of energy consumed and emissions produced during manufacture due to its longer life span. With modern metallurgy and engineering, Ductile Iron pipelines are designed to provide a minimum of 100 years of reliable service. In November 2012, Ductile Iron pipe manufactured in the United States received certification as a sustainable product from the Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability. 

The Ductile Iron pipe industry continues to deliver an outstanding service, while constantly exploring innovative ways to improve its product and simultaneously reduce its carbon footprint.